Cableland Facts

Construction: Summer 1986 to Fall 1987

Subcontractors: Over 50 trades involved

Home & Grounds: 24,000 Square Feet

Events: All commitments considered on an individual basis. Open to charitable organizations and city agencies.

Swimming Pool: 1,102 Square Feet, 44,000 Gallons

Facilities: Private Quarters, Guest House, Pool House, Staff Quarters

Creature Features: Squirrel condos, birdbaths

TV Reception: Cable TV, closed circuit

TV Sets: 88 including viewing wall (64)

TV Monitors: 61-inch (great room), 55-inch (video room)

Telephone Lines: 5

Telephones: 97

Bathrooms: 14

Bedrooms: 4

Kitchens: 4, including catering kitchen

Features: Custom designed furniture
Upholstered fabric walls
Underlighting for furniture
Sunken Bar
Guest office suite, kitchen and bath
Terraced patios
Pink Weber baby grand piano
12-foot fireman’s pole
Three fireplaces
Tanning bed & spa equipment
Underwater seascape mural
Resistance exercise pool
Surround sound & tactile sound systems
Lite-touch lighting systems
Snowmelt driveway system
Laser security system
ice cream bar

Project Management & Interior Design:Gerhard Interiors Limited, Rancho La Costa, CA

Architecture:Lawrence Pepper, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Landscape Architecture: DHM, Inc., Denver, CO

Lighting Design:Noel Allanmeyer, Carlsbad, CA

General Contractor: JAR Enterprises, Denver, CO

Audio/Video Design & Installation: Listen-Up, Denver, CO

Glass & Glazing Contractors: Eagle Window and Door, Denver, CO
Hillcrest Glass, Denver, CO

Framing Contractor: Marvin Custom Builders, Denver, CO

Metal Framing Contractor: Kay Construction, Denver, CO

Concrete Contractor:Kallsen Construction, Denver, CO

Plumbing Contractor:Landgraf Plumbing, Denver, CO

Heating & Cooling Contractor:Pasterkamp, Denver, CO

Electrical Contractor:Run-nel Electric, Denver, CO

Drywall Contractor: Kay Built, Denver, CO