Event Guidelines

The Cableland Home Foundation exists to make available the non-private quarters of Cableland for use by Qualified Charities for charitable purposes no more than 50 times each calendar year. This use must be for charitable, educational, scientific, literary or religious purposes, as defined by the IRS Code, for which Qualified Charities may be organized. In no instance, will Cableland be made available for political events.

The following guidelines apply to all organizations that meet the standards for Qualified Charities, as outlined above, that wish to use Cableland for charitable purposes:

  • The organization must be a Qualified Charity within the State of Colorado. As such, it must have a 501(c) 3 Tax-Exempt Status and an Employer Identification Number. The Foundation requires this EIN to be submitted at the time a request for Cableland’s use is made, along with other details as set forth below.
  • The Qualified Charity must submit, in writing, a letter of request for the use of Cableland which contains all pertinent details such as suggested time, three preferred dates, purpose, number of guests, catering needs, parking needs and program agenda. A deposit or purchase order, as outlined below, and a copy of the organizations certificate of liability insurance must be attached. This letter must be faxed or e-mailed to Mr. Daniel Beck, Residence Manager, Cableland, Fax: 303.399.4700 E-Mail: Cableland@denvergov.org. The Foundation’s Board of Directors will consider the merits of each request on an individual basis. The requesting organization will be notified of the Board’s decision within 15 working days.
  • Any organization that receives approval for the use of Cableland must coordinate its event planning with Mr. Daniel Beck, Residence Manager, Cableland, 4150 Shangri-La Drive, Denver, CO 80246. Telephone: 303.399.7400. Fax: 303.399.4700. E-mail Cableland@denvergov.org.
  • Any organization which receives approval for the use of Cableland must employ a Catering Company, Cleaning Company, and a Valet Service Company from this list of approved companies: Catering Companies: Pajama Baking Company (Russ Tearney, 303.733.3622), Epicurian Catering (Wesley Guzman, 720.488.2152), Panache Catering (Steve Langer, 303.790.2648), Footers Catering (Anthony Lambatos, 303.762.1410), Catering By Design (Deirdre Toltz, 303.762.7309) Lifestyles Catering (Dijana Pagano, 303.232.7932 Ext. 223) Cleaning Company: MaidStop (Liz, 720.505.2005 Ext. 8). Valet Service Company: Valet is required if you expect more than 20 vehicles. RPM Valet Service (Michael Burke, 303.571.1011).
  • Any organization which receives approval for the use of Cableland must comply to the following guidelines:
    • Hosting Organization must provide a certificate of Liability Insurance for no less than $1,000,000.
    • Maximum Number of Guests: 90-business hours, 200-evenings.
    • Maximum Number of Vehicles: 85.
    • Residence Manager must approve final invitation.
    • All invitations must have an RSVP. Final RSVP number must be reported to Residence Manager no later than five working days prior to event.
    • No entrance fee can be charged.
    • Event Time: The event must not exceed three hours in length. The event must conclude by 10:00 p.m. (Denver time). Noise or activity that could disturb neighbors will not be permitted.
    • Liquor: No sale of liquor is allowed. Alcoholic beverages must be poured and controlled by the Catering Company.
    • Food & Beverages: Food and beverages must be brought in and served by the Catering Company. Complete cleanup is required.
    • Movement of Furniture: Furniture may not be moved.
    • Car Parking: Valet is required if you expect more than 20 vehicles. The Valet Service Company must park all cars. No cars may be parked on neighborhood streets around Cableland. No walk-up guests are permitted.
    • Maps: Maps of Cableland (provided by the Residence Manager) must be sent with invitations to all potential attendees.
    • Extra Expenses: Extra expenses such as tables & chairs, dishes, glassware, flowers, entertainment and lighting are the responsibility of the Hosting Organization, not Cableland.
    • Decorations or favors must be approved by the Residence Manager.