Denver’s ‘Cableland’ Now Historical Landmark

By Karen Morfitt, CBS4 News

For more than thirty years, a home off Leetsdale Drive known as ‘Cableland’ has been a Denver landmark. However, much of the community does not know it is there.

“You don’t really see the house people don’t know what’s behind the wall,” Tim David said.

David is the Chairman of the Cableland Foundation; he says the house got its name from the original owner Bill Daniels, a cable television pioneer in Denver.

“Cable television brokerage firm and also he began to buy and operate cable systems after that,” David said.

After building his fortune, Daniels built his home and a legacy of supporting the Denver community.

“He was very a social person he wanted a big party place where he could entertain people he wanted to share it with other people as well so after he built it he made it available to all nonprofits to use for free,” he said.

The house includes a public space lined with city history: a condo for guests, a pool and then Daniels’ own living space — that takes you back in time.

“Back in the 1980s this was cool stuff,” David said.

Beyond the copper lined ceiling, and dated technology the home is full of history.

“Shaking hands with Richard Nixon and a personal note from President Bush,” David said while touring the home.

On Tuesday, city council members voted unanimously to give Cableand a historical designation, ensuring its future for years to come.

“I think if he’s looking down right now he’d be smiling,” David said.

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