Descending from the foyer into the Grand Room with its soaring ceilings, you are immediately transported into a world of opulent style. The textured walls, reflective ceiling features, and tiered multi-level lighting interspersed with skylights and banded chandeliers generate contemporary polish while softening the room’s scale. A rich earth-tone palette adds warmth to elegant furnishings that envelope guests with comfortable seating. On a raised platform, a podium is viewed through a closed-circuit television system to points throughout the house. This enables speakers to facilitate fundraising events throughout the public area, often including entertainment and video viewing. It also enables a master of ceremonies to enhance audience participation through the closed-circuit camera that’s perched high above.

The grand room features four hospitality centers. Each establishes an intimate environment distinguished by shapes and textures. This assures comfort during large and small gatherings. A semi-circular bar lies in a corner beneath an enormous overhead TV screen, visible throughout the room. It is one of Cableland’s 88 televisions. Beneath a grand crystal chandelier, the dining room provides ample space for six immense tables seating 48. It contains yet another TV concealed behind a decorative wall. Food for all Cableland functions is prepared in an adjacent catering kitchen.
Ceiling-to-floor windows permit guests to overlook the outdoor pool, which is encircled by multi-level, terraced landscaping and fountains that mimic the indoor shapes and angles. A bathhouse, decorated in a lush motif, includes a guest lounging area and additional restrooms. A covered patio, stylish service bar and separate guest house lie off the pool area.

A wing off the main entrance houses Bill’s private quarters, now the Mayor’s Residence, (two bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, media viewing room, and health spa). Here, a darker, cooler color scheme and scaled down architecture reflect Bill’s personal taste. The media viewing room, a home theater with a wall of 64 TVs, each tuned to a different cable channel, and built-in, large screen TV, rivals most theaters for video and sound quality.


Cableland Facts

  • Features: Custom designed furniture
    Upholstered fabric walls
    Underlighting for furniture
    Sunken Bar
    Guest office suite, kitchen and bath
    Terraced patios
    12-foot fireman’s pole
    Three fireplaces
    Tanning bed & spa equipment
    Underwater seascape mural
    Resistance exercise pool
    Surround sound & tactile sound systems
    Lite-touch lighting systems
    Snowmelt driveway system
    Laser security system
    ice cream bar

  • Construction: Summer 1986 to Fall 1987

  • Subcontractors: Over 50 trades involved

  • Home & Grounds: 24,000 Square Feet

  • Events: All commitments considered on an individual basis. Open to charitable organizations and city agencies.

  • Swimming Pool: 1,102 Square Feet, 44,000 Gallons

  • Facilities: Private Quarters, Guest House, Pool House, Staff Quarters

  • Creature Features: Squirrel condos, birdbaths

  • TV Reception: Cable TV, closed circuit

  • TV Sets: 88 including viewing wall (64)

  • TV Monitors: 61-inch (great room), 55-inch (video room)

  • Bathrooms: 14

  • Bedrooms: 4

  • Kitchens: 4, including catering kitchen

  • Project Management & Interior Design:Gerhard Interiors Limited, Rancho La Costa, CA

  • Architecture:Lawrence Pepper, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

  • Landscape Architecture: DHM, Inc., Denver, CO

  • Lighting Design:Noel Allanmeyer, Carlsbad, CA

  • General Contractor: JAR Enterprises, Denver, CO

  • Audio/Video Design & Installation: Listen-Up, Denver, CO

  • Glass & Glazing Contractors: Eagle Window and Door, Denver, CO
    Hillcrest Glass, Denver, CO

  • Framing Contractor: Marvin Custom Builders, Denver, CO

  • Metal Framing Contractor: Kay Construction, Denver, CO

  • Concrete Contractor:Kallsen Construction, Denver, CO

  • Plumbing Contractor:Landgraf Plumbing, Denver, CO

  • Heating & Cooling Contractor:Pasterkamp, Denver, CO

  • Electrical Contractor:Run-nel Electric, Denver, CO

  • Drywall Contractor: Kay Built, Denver, CO