Cableland is a 14,000 square foot, $7 million mansion built by Denver philanthropist and Cable TV pioneer, Bill Daniels, and is now the Official Residence of the Mayor of Denver. Cableland spans eight lots and is located in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood. Exterior features include a multi-level outdoor pool, heated driveway and squirrel condominiums. Interior features include a grand room for 200+ people, a dining room, and closed-circuit television system.

Daniels donated Cableland to the City and County of Denver as the Official Residence of the Mayor and for nonprofit organizations to use for philanthropic events. Since 1986, $20 million has been raised at the house. Contact us today to hold your next charitable event or business meeting at Cableland!


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Cableland, Official Residence of the Mayor of Denver, is the only premiere event and meeting facility in the Denver area reserved exclusively for the nonprofit community.  If you’ve never visited us or haven’t seen us lately, you should see Cableland now!





A man dedicated to making life better… one person at a time.

Bill Daniels was one of those remarkable individuals who achieved success through a combination of perseverance and good fortune.

Born in Greeley, Colorado in 1920, Bill lived with his family in Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa as a child. The family moved to Hobbs, New Mexico when Bill was a teenager, and he attended the New Mexico Military Institute in nearby Roswell. As a young man, he was an undefeated Golden Gloves Champion of New Mexico.

In World War II and the Korean conflict, Bill was a naval fighter pilot who retired as Full Commander in the U.S. Navy. After the Navy, he encountered television, was amazed by the technology, and learned many remote cities and towns did not have access to it. He started his first cable business in Casper, Wyoming in 1953.

As one of the pioneers in cable television, Bill went on to own and operate hundreds of cable TV systems across the country. The firm he founded, Daniels & Associates, is nationally recognized as a leading provider of investment banking services to media and technology companies. His leadership helped bring numerous hi-tech and communications companies to the Front Range.

“When you put your life in perspective, you realize how little time there is to make something truly significant out of it. To some people this might mean acquiring a lot of possessions, building a business or owning property. There’s nothing wrong with these aspirations, but for me, they pale in comparison to individuals who want to leave something more consequential as their legacy.” - Bill Daniels